Welcome to T & N  Laboratories & Engineering

T & N Laboratories is a minority owned HUB Certified Business
LIND & ASSOCIATES, INC. Dba T & N LABORATORIES & ENGINEERING operates as a minority owned small business and provides Geotechnical Engineering services for foundation recommendations as well as services for construction materials testing. T&N can provide services throughout Texas and surrounding states. Our professional staff and support group combine resources to make a joint effort to meet any given project's requirements at competitive prices. The philosophy of our organization is to provide safe, economical design and engineering recommendations with independent field and laboratory quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) testing as a professional service.

T&N can provide the construction industry with foundation design recommendations based on subsurface investigations and laboratory test results promulgated from engineering study. T&N also supports the construction industry with engineering laboratory services in quality control inspection, testing, analysis, and test results with certified reports and documented procedures. T&N operates as consultants to prime professional engineering and design companies.

T&N can provide a wide variety of construction materials testing to include inspection of soils (earthwork), stabilization, base, concrete, grout, asphalt, and other construction processes such as welding and steel inspections. All field and laboratory testing is performed by trained and qualified technicians under the guidance and supervision of our professional staff.
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